The Ayres Law Group

Shaping Regulations

With 40 years of experience with the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory process, Ayres Law Group attorneys help you penetrate the regulatory maze and get results.

Our lawyers understand the complex policymaking process for environmental rules. We assist clients in high-stakes regulatory proceedings, both informal and formal. We counsel clients on how to use the regulatory process to their own benefit, often helping design regulatory proposals to be taken to the EPA or important state pollution-control agencies.

Regulatory and compliance counseling

We counsel clients on what the regulations require so they can stay in compliance and still achieve their business objectives. And we help those who may have enforcement issues with the EPA.

The firm focuses on regulatory matters related to air quality, climate change, and energy. We have represented clients in the development of climate change-related regulations in many jurisdictions, including California, China, Canada, and Australia.

Successful regulatory outcomes

Our law firm is especially skilled at achieving consensus policy outcomes. We have worked with state and local governments to devise model state air pollution regulations, served as moderators in policy discussions between electric utilities and environmentalists, and participated in multi-stakeholder regulatory negotiations at the EPA and in private forums.

We have participated in many of the most important EPA rulemaking proceedings under the Clean Air Act since 1971, including:

  • The Clean Power Plan, limiting greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing power plants
  • Various rules regarding protection of the stratospheric ozone layer
  • Development of emission trading guidance for state trading programs
  • Standards for sulfur content of gasoline
  • Adoption of emission trading guidance for states
  • Standards for "reformulated" gasoline
  • Development of standards for hazardous air pollutants for several industries
  • Emission standards for new coal-fired electric generating plants
  • Regulation of the use of tall smokestacks by large electric power generating plants
  • Revisions to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards in 1972 and 1980
  • Development of all 50 of the original State Implementation Plans

We also have assisted many states in developing and implementing environmental policies. (A more comprehensive list of our regulatory matters can be found here.)


Policy Alerts

Periodically, we provide policy alerts to keep our clients up-to-date on important policy developments and trends as we see them arising. We track the issues that are important to our clients to help you achieve your business and environmental goals.