The Ayres Law Group


Helping businesses across the country comply with environmental regulations

Ayres Law Group attorneys advise our corporate and industrial clients on complex regulatory matters affecting their business strategy. We counsel businesses – large and small – on ways to advance their interests and anticipate and manage regulatory compliance costs. Our clients are diverse and so is our expertise. We frequently act as consultants to national and international companies to help our clients understand regulations, develop cooperative relationships with state and federal regulatory agencies, and devise cost-effective compliance plans. Our specialization allows us to closely monitor changes in the law and regulations to keep our clients current and in compliance.

We represent clients in all aspects of compliance issues, including defense against federal and state enforcement actions. When clients face enforcement actions, we put our extensive knowledge and four decades of environmental law experience to work on their behalf. Our attorneys have experience dealing with each stage of a compliance issue, from responding effectively to notices of violations to representing clients in enforcement proceedings. We offer negotiation services as well as full representation in administrative hearings and courts in enforcement and compliance matters involving the EPA and other environmental agencies.


Policy Alerts

Periodically, we provide policy alerts to keep our clients up-to-date on important policy developments and trends as we see them arising. We track the issues that are important to our clients to help you achieve your business and environmental goals.