The Ayres Law Group

Environmental Practice

How we serve our clients

"[A]n excellent record time, and I can't thank you enough for your responsiveness, persistence and expert counsel."  – Fortune 100 Client

Ayres Law Group counsels and represents clients in high-stakes matters involving national or international environmental law and policy or major enforcement actions. We look for creative and efficient solutions to solve our clients’ problems. Representative work includes:

  • Representing our clients before the federal courts, the EPA, and other federal and state agencies and courts
  • Helping our clients navigate the complex web of federal and state air and energy regulation
  • Offering policy guidance on domestic and international environmental law issues
  • Providing counsel to investors who need to understand how air, climate, and energy laws will affect the value of corporate assets they are considering for acquisition

We offer significant expertise across the spectrum of regulatory advising, litigation, and legislative advocacy in the following areas:

Our firm excels in customizing strategies to solve our clients’ problems. We have demonstrated success in, among other things:

  • Developing sophisticated strategies to shape government policy to our clients’ interests
  • Helping clients understand proposed legislation and creating legislative strategies to achieve our clients’ goals
  • Representing clients in litigation before federal and state courts
  • Helping states craft and defend environmental regulations
  • Helping clients realize opportunities in greenhouse gas emission trading mechanisms, including offset credits


Policy Alerts

Periodically, we provide policy alerts to keep our clients up-to-date on important policy developments and trends as we see them arising. We track the issues that are important to our clients to help you achieve your business and environmental goals.